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Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex technology enables carries, service providers, and enterprises to deliver optical wavelength services from the network edge to the core. The scalable systems can support up to 64 wavelengths with DWDM and/or CWDM capability across a range of application-optimized platforms.

With a significantly smaller capital outlay and fewer management requirements than other optical networking product, Our DWDM delivers what customers need now for increased revenue, accelerated service delivery, and reduced transport costs.

  It Designed for tomorrow’s bandwidth needs and today’s budgets. With award-winning WDM product is the industry’s premiere DWDM metro and regional transport solution. It’s supports up to 64 unprotected / 32 protected wavelengths per Optic ADM or point to point node and deliver up to 10G LAN and OC-192 / STM-64 channels reach distance up to 100 km without dispersion. With Modular and Flexible Architecture designed. Our DWDM features a modular, open slot chassis plus an unique parallel filter architecture. A full range of rugged, passive, low-loss filter modules provide genuine “plug-and-play” functionality for single and group add/drop and bypass. Integral
channel balancing in the filters supports foreign wavelength transport, easily allowing users to be added without disrupting existing services. It can operate overall topologies – linear, ring, and mesh.







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