ISCOM5104 is a cost-effiient GEPON ONU device, which is designed to access residential and business subscribers into PON network. It provides one single strand PON interface and 4*10/100M Ethernet interface for accessing subscriber's gateway or computer. Together with Raisecom ISCOM5800 OLT or ISCOM5504OLT device, it provides full L2 switchingfunctionality for data and IPTV services. The whole GEPON system is ideal solution for carriers to deploy packet switching network with limited fier resource. ISCOM5104 can be remotely monitored and managed through OLTdevice.

  • Forwarding mode Store-and-forward
  • MTU 1596 Bytes
  • Port rate limiting Based on ingress and egress of each port Increments:64Kbps(64K-1M),1Mbps(1-100M),10Mbps(100-1000M)
  • Support storm control of broadcast, multicast and DLF according to the confiured PPS (packets per second)
  • VLAN IEEE802.1Q, 4K active VLAN , VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) and Rewriting
  • Upstream SLA on 64Kbps increment
  • Link diagnostic on PON network
  • Support IEEE802.3ah standard OAM
  • ONU devices can be remotely managed
  • Support monitoring of GEPON related statistics information; configuring monitor variable; alarm management
  • Up to 4 output queues Strict Priority forwarding scheme, Support L2 - L4 packet fitering

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