3G Gateway


          IoT Cellular Gateway. For M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications, with built-in world-class 3G HSPA+ module, you just need to insert SIM card from local mobile carrier to get to Internet. The redundant SIM design provides a more reliable WAN connection for critical applications. By VPN tunneling technology, remote sites easily become a part of Intranet, and all data are transmitted in a secure (256-bit AES encryption) link. To meet a variety of M2M application requirements, AMIT IoT Cellular Gateway products are based on modular design. A new functional module can replace current one to support new application in short time, such as for NFC or GPS applications. This product is loaded with luxuriant security features including VPN, firewall, NAT, port forwarding, DHCP server and many other powerful features for complex and demanding business and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications. The redundancy design in fallback 9-48 VDC power terminal, dual SIM cards and VRRP function makes the device as a back-up in power, network connection and data transmission without lost.


  • MachTalk IoT Cellular Gateway for SCADA Telemetry, and Teleservice applications.
  • 1x embedded HSPA+ (dual SIM), 1xFE WANs with dual-WAN failover / load balance for reliable and efficient access.
  • WiFi Compliance N300; Multiple (8) SSIDs for privilage group users.
  • 4xFE LAN ports with 4x tag based and port based VLANs easily to group control and relocate traffic pattern  .
  • 1x DB9 (RS232/RS485) for varoius serial communication protocol, and 1x DI, 1xDO for device triggering or event reporting.
  • Fully protocol stack for both IPv4 and IPv6, afford to 128 concurrent users and 50,000 concurrent seessions.
  • IPsec, PPTP and L2TP VPN support up to 32 concurrent tunnels with max 80Mbps throughput (IPsec).
  • QoS and Bandwidth management for optimal bandwidth usage.
  • Firewall with SPI, CSM and IPS prevent hacker attacking and enhance network efficiency.
  • SNMP, Telent CLI, and optional TR069 for administrator to manage system.
  • High Availability for mission critical application with muti-WAN load balance and VPN tunnel failover, also VRRP for Device Redundancy Redundancy.

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