L2 Switch 10/100/1000M S2108/S2224


          BDCOM S2108/S2224 is a modularized hi-performance workgroup-level or enterprise-scale switch, with 8/24 Fast Ethernet ports and 1 port 10/100/1000M TX/Gigabit SFP(S2108) / 2 expansion slots(S2224) for Gigabit connections. BDCOM S2108/S2224 can connect all (Fast) Ethernet devices so that your investment is protected. The hi-speed connection it provides among workgroups can boost the capability of server clusters, and solves the bottleneck caused by increasing users and limited bandwidth, making network resources more readily available to you. More importantly, all of the advantages are brought to you by BDCOM at low costs and with easy maintenance.

     • 8/24 Gbps switch fabric, non-congestion design, all wire-speed forwarding
     • 80-km transfer by Gigabit optical fiber, direct connection to WAN
  Security and reliability
     • Quota system for connected hosts per port
     • IEEE 802.1x port-based user authentication
     • Port trunking adds to bandwidth and redundancy

Easy maintenance
     • Automatic recognition for straight-through or cross-over cables
     • Stackable physically and through cluster technology. Central management with unified IP address saves IP addresses
     • Management via CONSOLE port, Web, SNMP, Telnet, etc.
     • Software and BootRom upgrade through TFTP

  Traffic and broadcast control
     • Auto-detection and restraining of broadcast storm, IGMP snooping, effectively restrict broadcast flooding
     • Full- and half- duplex traffic control
     • Ethernet port rate limiting with 64 K step size(1 M step size for rate over 1.8 M)
     • Advanced buffer management, 802.1p support. 4 dispatching queues per port, mapping the 8 priority queues in 802.1p
     • QoS support

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