GMS Global Management System


          ONtel's GMS is an industry-leading, carrier-class, fully scalable web-based solution for monitoring and controlling ON-8xxx / ON-9xxx Series System within a network. Networking equipment vendors and Service providers can rely on GMS for network management such as EMS and NMS. I manages networks, tal=king into account the complex interdependencies between networks, resources and applications.

         GMS is based on the open-source project - OpenNMS, which is the first enterprise-grade network management platform to be developed under the open-source model. Using GMS helps deliver superior management solutions in a cost-effective, low-risk, and high-productivity model.

         GMS mainly monitorings ON-8xxx / ON-9xxx Series Systems. It can helps showcase network device capabilities using powerful management applications. This enables service providers to more easily realize the capabilities and value of your devices. It supports multiple operating systems, application servers and databases using protocols such as SNMP, HTTP, etc.

          GMS can also interoperate with existing Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Network Management System (NMS) by providing SNMP traps.


  • Proposed for ON-8xxxx / ON-9xxx series system.
  • Web-based GUI.
  • Secure and Reliable Network Management.
  • Account Login/User Operation History Record.
  • Auto Discover/ Categorize devices within a network.
  • Device Map Topology Provide.
  • Digital-Cross-Connect Management.
  • Friendly Drag and Drop DXC UI.
  • Supports Fault Management, Configuration Management, Performance Management and Runtime Administration.
  • Device Configuration files backup/restore.
  • Supports SNMPv1 , SNMPv2c.
  • Statistics Reports and Charts Provided.
  • Device Upgrade by TFTP.
  • Schedule Script for Device Upgrade.
  • Periodically/ Manually Database Backup.
  • Up to 1000 devices link per server.
  • Up to 10 online users per server.

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