Proscend 5600 Series G.bis


          Proscend 5600 Series EFM network Extender is designed to provide bonded high-speed Ethernet First Mile services over SHDSL on existing copper infrastrature. It is a bridge mode modem that delivers Ethernet service with symmetrical bandwidth at rates up to 22.8 Mbps. Implemented based on IEEE 802.3ah EFM standards for advanced performance and management features, 5600 Series ensures high reliability, low expense and maximum throughput.

          The introduction of EFM copper bonding technology allows delivery of higher bandwidth to longer distances over multiple copper pairs, enabling a good alternative in place where fiber is not economical to deploy. This "Ethernet-pure" solution provides a seamless integration into today and tomorrow's network.

          Proscend 5600 Series extends the reach of Ethernet services to the sites by using bonded copper pairs. Up to 4 pairs can be bonded together for aggregated bandwidth ovwe 22 Mbps. Designed with standard-based EFM Technology (2Base-TL), deployment of Ethernet service with PROSCEND 5600 is quick and simple on the existing copper plant. It operates mainly in Poin-to-Point connection between remote office and enterprise headquarters, providing symmetrical high-speed connectivity that is ideal for large and small-to-medium enterprises to deliver business-class Ethernet service.

          With PROSCEND 5600 EFM Network Extender, network performance is significantly enchanced by eliminating unnecessary conversion of packet formats when transiting between Ethernet (LAN) and legacy ATM Network (WAN). Service providers and enterprises should see lower capital expenditures because their networks won't need equipment to convertbetween the ATM and the Ethernet protocol. User-friendly Ethernet also make it possible to save unnecessary trunk roll costs and training costs. It leads to minimized risk bearing and quick return on investemnt for both service providers and enterprises.

       PROSCEND 5600 LAN port is interoperable with any standard Fast Ethernet interfaces from switches, routers and NG-SONET/SDH Equipment. The management interface includ comprehensive command-line interface (CLI), user-friendly GUI-based Web Browser Interface, SNMP and Telnet.

          PROSCEND 5600 series provides future-proof features meeting Ethernet Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of service (CoS) requirement by utilizing 802.1q VLAN capabilities, four levels of priorities, traffic flow control and rate control. This traffic management and QoS features enable seervice providers to offer highly profitable and value-added services to a vast majority of business and institutional sites.


  • Extending Ethernet Services to sites with existing copper infrastruture.
  • EFM Bonding (PAF, PME, Aggregation Function) up to 22.8Mbps (4 pairs).
  • Flexible and Rapid Service Deployment.
  • Flexible configuration as CPE or CO.
  • Support EFM OAM complying IEEE 802.3ah.
  • Low Delay, Jiter and Packet Loss for delay sensitive applications.
  • Comprehensive and easy OAM & P function in provisioning and management.
  • Qos feature for guaranteed Ethernet service.
  • Future-proof Ethernet traffic management and QoS features.

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