Mechanics and Accessories for Watson DSL Modems


          Watson DSL modems are available in plug-in form factors and as standalone tabletop units. Plug-in modems are mounted in subracks suitable for installation in 19" racks. Each subrack provides space for 12 plug-in modems and a Subrack Control Unit for management.

          For small sites compact minirack mechanics are available designed for a single plug-in. Miniracks provide management access and optionally have a built-in AC power supply. Plug-ins can be inserted in a tabletop housing if 19" racks are not available. The tabletop housing is optionally available with built-in AC power supply. Wall mounting and DIN-Rail mounting kits make installations in all environments possible. For tabletop modems AC power adapters are available in cases where remote powering from the plug-in is not used.

          The 19" minirack mechanics for tabletop modems allow installation of a tabletop modem in a 19" rack if required. All mechanics and accessories for Watson modems demonstrate how Schmid brings you innovation and technology leadership you can rely on for all of your transmission needs. All backed by Swiss quality and by worldwide service and support.


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