SHDSL Router Series


          Watson SHDSL router series is an innovative Next-Generation DSL solution designed for enabling symmetrical high-speed Internet or point-to-point connectivity to business customers. Watson SHDSL router uses Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) technology, which is a transparent extension of Ethernet-based LANs into wide area networks. No conversion of packet formats is required when transiting between the LAN and WAN. This transparency greatly simplifies network operations, reduces deployment costs, and increases service levels. EFM includes maintenance functions that make the operation of large wide-area Ethernets feasible.

          The Watson SHDSL router series features either two or four SHDSL ports. Symmetrical data rates up to 5.7Mbit/s are available on each copper pair. Using EFM pair bonding, data rates of 22.8 Mbit/s over 4 copper pairs can be achieved. The Watson SHDSL router integrates also an eight port Ethernet switch and a VPN gateway, which provides robust Firewall security features and standard IPSec Virtual Private Network tunneling. Schmid Telecom’s long experience in DSL solutions ensures that Watson SHDSL router series delivers longer reach and higher performance.


  DSL Interface
  • ITU-T G.991.2 G.SHDSL
  • Line Code: TC-PAM 16, TC-PAM 32
  • IEEE 802.3ah (EFM encapsulation)
  • Up to 11.4 Mbps using 2 copper pairs
  • Up to 22.8 Mbps using 4 copper pairs
  LAN Interface
  • 8 port 10/100 managed Ethernet switch
  • Half or full duplex, auto-sensing
  • VLAN support: IEEE 802.1P/Q
  • Connectors: 8x RJ-45
  Bridging/Routing Features
  • IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, RARP support
  • DHCP server and client
  • DNS server and proxy
  • Static and dynamic routing (RIPv1/v2), OSPF, BGP
  • IP Multicasting – IGMP
  • PPPoE termination
  • Network Address Translation (NAT / NAPT)
  VPN Features
  • VPN Pass through (IPsec and PPTP)
  • Hardware accelerated IPSec VPN gateway
  • Data encryption (DES, 3DES, AES)
  • Full mesh, hub & spoke support
  • Industry standard PKI - based encryption
  • Authentication and key management protocols

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